Architectural Intelligence Research Lab

Carlos Bañón

Carlos Banon is co-founder of Subarquitectura Architects Spain and airlab at SUTD. He is Assistant Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, He holds an M.Arch. with Extraordinary Distinction.

His research projects span from Geometric Exploration for Sustainable Space Making (GESSM), 3D Printing technologies applied to actual building components, Artificial Intelligence in Design Thinking, and repurposing materials to develop Affordable Housing prototypes. He was the recipient of the Golden Medal by the Paralympic Committee and Silver Medal by the Olympic Commitee, Nominated to the Mies Van der Rohe Prize, and received the Design of the Year Prize by London Design Museum.

Felix Raspall

Felix Raspall is an architect and design researcher investigating the relationships between design, materiality and technology. He is an Assistant Professor at SUTD, holding a Doctor of Design from Harvard University, a Master of Architecture from Yale University, and B.Arch. from the University of Buenos Aires.

He leads his own professional practice in Argentina.Felix’s work explores modes of design production in which material constraints creatively inform designs through digital technologies. Before joining SUTD, Felix conducted teaching and research in several institutions, including Harvard University. His design and research work has been published in books and journals and was the recipient of several awards, one of it includes the CPAU Prize 2004.