SUTD 10th Anniversary Time Capsule

SUTD 10th Anniversary Time Capsule

The SUTD Time Capsule preserves and exhibits the university’s most significant innovations and milestones over the past decade, with a design that coordinates form and materials to reflect the ambitious and adventurous spirit of the young university.

The form of the capsule represents the cyclical nature of time: a periodic surface peels from the ground in an oscillating motion, holding the collection in a secure yet open space.

To create this unique form, digital tools and advanced manufacturing methods were developed and applied. The capsule’s surface consists of 3,582 unique panels, which were computationally designed and 3D printed with biopolymers, producing zero waste. This surface sits over a timber structure, optimised to reduce material consumption and emphasise the feeling of lightness.

As SUTD enters its second decade of existence, the SUTD Time Capsule celebrates its past and embraces a bright future ahead.

Lead Architects: Carlos Banon and Felix Raspall
Lead Researcher: Sourabh Maheshwary
Research Team: Natalie Chen, Muhd Syahid Mustapa, Sihan Wang, Michele Sodano, Aurelia Chang, Lui Chi, Huang Kunsheng, Luo Quihuan, Megan Chor, Tai YuJie, Kwang KayJie
Contractors: TCP Engineers, PTL Consultants, WoodFix.
Awards: SGMark 2020
Publications: SUTD Website