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Designed for SUTD Open House 2018, and exhibited at the Venice Biennale Singapore Pavilion. Assistant Professors Carlos Bañón and Felix Raspall, co-founders of AIRLAB at Singapore University of Technology of Design, have designed a display platform that combines thermoforming and 3dprinting technologies, for the 2018 SUTD Open House. The exhibition was the main showcase for the department of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. 

The motivation of the design was to achieve the maximum geometric continuity and slenderness through dissimilar materials and fabrication processes. A total of sixty 1750 x 650 x 12 mm tabletops were manufactured in Corian and thermoformed at a temperature of 170C to get the shape of a smooth Bezier surface. By bending the surface, the inertia of the board is increased, reducing its deflection and allowing for an increased span between supports. By means of four 3D printed connection pieces, the loads are spread into the twelve 18mm diameter aluminum legs, that were optimally located using FEM software (Karamba for Grasshopper).

To increase resistance and reduce deformability, the 3D pieces were printed in a 1mm thick plastic shell and reinforced with transparent epoxy resin, which served as a bond for the threaded bars that allow unscrewing the legs. The geometry of the 3d printed components was parametrically designed to follow the seamless slope of the tabletop. The tables gently rest in twelve round 3D-printed supports adjustable in height that confer great stability to the system while conferring a very high degree of visual lightness. They are currently featured in the Singapore Pavilion for the Venice Biennale 2018 (May 26th – November 25th 2018).

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Design Concept :Carlos Banon and Felix Raspall
Research Team : Carlos Banon, Felix Raspall, Felix Amtsberg, Anna Hui Ping, Hu Yuxin, Sourabh Maheshwary
Location : Venice Biennale Singapoe pavillion
Materials : Corian ( Dupont ) and 3D Printed PLA and Nylon.

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