Interactive Lanterns

Visitors on that day “held” interactive lanterns using their smartphones. They downloaded the Mid-Autumn @ Gardens by the Bay app, attached their phones to a selfie stick and covered it with a casing conceptualised by lecturers Carlos Banon and Felix Raspall. The app then picked up signals from the giant lantern installations at the event using Bluetooth and the phone screen lit up in different colours.

Amid sprawling and majestic lantern set-ups depicting Asian folklore on the moon, small mobile phone lanterns bobbed in an array of hues across Gardens by the Bay aiming to putting an old-meets-new twist to the traditional festivities. Clutched by visitors, the smartphones, encased within translucent paper and perched on selfie sticks, were powered by an app that made them dance and glow in multiple colours.

Bluetooth beacons are planted along the route and they broadcast signals which are picked up by the app. Based on the signal’s transmission, the app lights up in a different shade at the five  different areas that depicts stories the Chinese myth and legends of the moon, allowing the lantern to be lit up in that shade.

The structural system for the hypercube is based on a cable net structure. The reason for this is on one hand the lightweight character of the cable net and on the other hand its transparency. This allows the hypercube to be seen from all directions without visual obstruction, neither from the restaurant level at the central supertree nor from the viewing deck of Marina Bay Sands.